A letter (or sort of) for you

Existence can be rude if you don’t know how to play.

People come and people go every day. We came to this world alone and that’s how every single human being is born but that is ok, that’s fine.

We cross paths with different people in every single moment of our days and rarely figure out who’s gonna stay with us till the end and who’s gonna leave before time.

Here is something I must write down because putting voice in them is not easy.

Basic stuff first.

I’m not a wise man, I’m not as old as the classic philosophers and, of course, I’m not any kind of professor so my words might lack sense and force, but what I’m sure about is that if your heart and your thoughts are in the right place you’ll be able to listen to me and understand the true meaning of this short text.

My friend, you’ll need to leave soon and everybody knows that. It’s hard for me to take because I tend to worry a lot.

I should be used to being alone. You know, that’s sort of my essence. I’m pretty sure I’m the sort of man whose destiny is not being surrounded by lots and lots of people, just the special ones

I made a promise a long time ago when things were different. That promise has been the most difficult to keep through all of this time but somehow I’ve found the strength and courage just to stay in line.

I’ve had companions, friends, fellows but just a small amount of them have been important. Those who had saved me from myself.

I know you understand this message and, if my calculations are correct, I’ll be living a crisis (maybe the worst of all I’ve ever had) by the time this message gets posted and, maybe, by the time you read it.

Don’t be afraid because at the end everything turns out to be fine.

I just need to ask you something, something that is very important to me.

Don’t fail to be kind. Care about the others and lend a helping hand when needed. Be brave when times get dark and keep calm when they want you to fight. Don’t you ever dare to lose your sense of humour and always focus on the bright side of life.

Let your heart beat strong and your kindness speak.

Don’t be afraid of shedding a tear and don’t cry for those who do not deserve it.

Remember, hate is always foolish and love is always wise.

Be as I know you’ve always been.

That’s enough for now except for just one more thing:






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